Blonde firecracker Dana Perino gives America the rant its been waiting for on FBI Director Comey

Dana Perino unleashed an epic rant on Hillary Clinton and the FBI investigation into her emails.

The Fox News host unloaded about the recommendation by FBI Chief James Comey to not press charges against Clinton following the federal probe.

Perino, the former White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, noted that government security clearances are a privilege and require self-sacrifice.

Perino noted that sense of sacrifice was for the nation as a whole and not subject to party or personal desires.

Turning her attention to the FBI chief’s decision, Perino argued that a Republican in the situation would not have been treated the same.

She concluded her comments by remembering again the privilege of working for the people and that she would never have been “so reckless” during her tenure at the White House.

Perino then shared that she was “just getting warmed up.”

She told host Megyn Kelly Wednesday on “The Kelly File” that her uncharacteristic Twitter rant was due to frustration and the fact that she “had wifi on the plane.”

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Video from Fox News via Wake Up America.


Frieda Powers


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