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Distraught father says he’s the one to blame for killing son in freak accident – not the gun

Photo of Stephen Brumbly via GoFundMe.

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After a freak accident at a Sarasota, Florida gun range, which resulted in a 14-year-old boy’s death, the boy’s heartbroken father concluded that he — not the firearm — had killed his son.

When a hot shell casing deflected off the wall and landed down the back of Clayton Brumby’s shirt, the 64-year-old’s arms flailed in pain. In oner hand he still held the Ruger .22 semi-automatic handgun, with his finger still on the trigger.

Then one more shot was heard Sunday afternoon at High Noon Guns, according to The Associated Press.

“Dad, Stephen’s been shot!” Brumby’s 24-year-old son shouted.

The bullet that Brumby unintentionally discharged ricocheted off the ceiling and struck the teen’s jugular vein, and he later died at a hospital.

“The gun didn’t kill my boy,” Brumby pronounced. “I did.”

The gun belonged to his 12-year[old daughter, who was also at the range with her two brothers.

Brumby described Stephen, who began shooting about 18 months ago, as “a natural” who would “shoot anything.”

A “Go Fund Me” has been established to help the family with expenses.

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