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The Associated Press lands in the hot seat for pulling race card in outrageous Elizabeth Warren tweet

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Until Monday, The Associated Press has been considered to be one of the most respected independent news agencies in the world. Now the jury seems to be out on that assessment.

So what caused the change? This:

“White men”? Really?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has repeatedly made an unsubstantiated claim that she has Native American roots, and has used that allegation in the past to give her career a boost.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has mocked warren in the past on Twitter, calling the Massachusetts Democrat “the Indian” and “Pocahontas.”

As recently as last month, Trump supporter and former Sen. Scott Brown called upon Warren to take a DNA test to prove her alleged ancestry.

Clinton “is considering making someone vice president who has very serious character flaws when it comes to honesty and credibility,” Brown said, who lost his Senate seat to Warren in 2012.

But so far Warren has refused to offer proof of her claim, either by written family records or through scientific means, so it remains an open question.

But not to The AP, apparently, and others were quick to call the news agency on it.

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And it’s not just “white men” who question Warren’s claims — the Cherokee nation does also.

So does this mean that the once-respected Associated Press has now become just another media shill for the Democratic Party? It’s kinda looking that way.


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