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Donald Trump didn’t hesitate to say exactly what Americans were thinking after Hillary’s FBI interview

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After Hillary Clinton was questioned by eight FBI agents over a 3-1/2 hour period Saturday, Donald Trump called for an indictment against the former secretary of state.

“It is impossible for the FBI not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee tweeted Saturday afternoon. “What she did was wrong! What Bill did was stupid!”

Clinton has repeatedly dismissed the FBI’s investigation as a “security review,” a term that FBI Director James Comey has corrected, saying that the agency doesn’t conduct “security reviews” — it conducts criminal investigations.

Unnamed sources told CNN that if no evidence of wrongdoing emerges from her FBI interview, the DOJ will announce sometime within thew next two weeks that no charges will be brought against her.

And the GOP didn’t waste its “opportunity to pounce.”

“Hillary Clinton has just taken the unprecedented step of becoming the first major party presidential candidate to be interviewed by the FBI as part of a criminal investigation surrounding her reckless conduct,” Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, according to Fox News. “We must ask ourselves if this is the kind of leadership we want in the White House.”

Clinton’s interview is believed to be a signal that the FBI is at the final stages of its investigation into its probe of her use of a private email server and whether it compromised national security.

Not only are the activities of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee on public trial — so is the FBI and Department of Justice.

“The American people need to have confidence that the Obama Justice Department is conducting a fair and impartial investigation, but when the attorney general meets secretly with Bill Clinton just days before Hillary’s interrogation is conducted discreetly over a holiday weekend, it raises serious concerns about special treatment,” Priebus also said.

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