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Child fighters prove in graphic fashion ISIS is not going away–contrary to Obama’s wishful thinking

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The Islamic State has demonstrated in its latest video a new low for depravity; by the same means, it proved it’s got going to be easily taken out.

The clip purports to depict adolescent “soldiers” executing captive members of the Afghan National Army somewhere in a mountainous region of either Afghanistan or Pakistan, according to The Mirror.

The video is titled “Khorasan,The Graveyard of Murtadeen 2,” and, like previous clips of its like, is highlighted with Islamic religious music.

“Khorasan is understood to the province under ISIS control and Murtadeen is a word for apostate,” a person who willfully turns away from Islam, the Mirror reported. “It is believed that ISIS first emerged in the region in January 2015.”

Since assuming control of the region, which encompasses parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and other areas, the militant group has been at war with the Afghan National Army and al-Qaeda.

The Islamic State and the Taliban also declared a jihad on one another in April, 2015. The Diplomat reported:

The list of the Islamic States’ grievances against the “nationalist” Taliban are long, and most of it involves criticizing its alliances towards groups that ISIS also loathes, such as Shias and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate. ISIS reserves the greatest loathing for the Shia, whom it labels as the Rafidah, or rejectors, a term considered incredibly derogatory.



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