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‘Never Trump’ forces get a very rude wake-up call ahead of the GOP convention

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A newly-proposed Republican convention rule is likely to dampen the spirits of the #NeverTrump crowd and put an end to thoughts of a contested convention in Cleveland later this month.

The draft rule would assure Donald Trump’s nomination by locking in the delegates he’d received during the course of the primary.

NBC News reported:

Anti-Trump forces have talked up rules that could let delegates vote against Trump, regardless of the primary results. But the new rule would stop any and all of those efforts with a silver bullet — freezing the 2012 rules so that no alternatives go into effect this year.


The proposed rule states that “The Rules adopted by the 2012 Convention, as amended under Rule 12, shall constitute the Tules of the Republican National Committee and the 2016 National Convention. Any amendments to these rules herein, as adopted by the 2016 National Convention, shall take effect at the adjournment of the 2016 National Convention and constitute the Rules for the Republican National Committee and the temporary Rules for the 2020 National Convention.”

NBCNews observed:

If the proposal passes, it guarantees that if amendments designed to stop Trump, such as a “conscience clause” that would function as a delegate escape hatch, are also passed, those would only go into effect at “the 2020 National Convention.”


MSNBC’s Ari Melber first tweeted the proposal:

Trump fans observed:

Not everyone, however, was on board.

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