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Comedian’s un-PC joke at Trump rally sends left-wing media into absolute hysterics

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Conservative radio host Howie Carr launched into a Native American war-whoop at a rally for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“You know Elizabeth Warren, right?” Carr asked the crowd in Bangor, Maine about the Massachusetts senator. He proceeded whooping, tapping his hand over his mouth.

Trump, who has nicknamed her Pocahontas, has accused Warren of lying about her Native American heritage. Warren has faced controversy over her claim, denying the alleged use of the status to further her academic career.

Trump has famously continued to mock the Democratic senator, though he recently said he regretted calling her Pocahontas.

The stereotypical war-whoop by Carr at the rally Wednesday drew sharp criticism.

“We are outraged at the lack of cultural sensitivity and ignorance being portrayed as the race towards the White House continues,” said Jackie Pata, executive director of the National Congress of American Indians, in a statement according to Time. “This is not a fight about political correctness, but rather a matter of respect for our people, our lands, our governments, and our youth.”

According to Carr, Trump told him not to apologize following the event.

Reaction from social media users was mixed with polarizing responses to the incident. 

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