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Alabama governor’s wife reveals how she knew her husband was having an affair – good eye!

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Politics and sex go back as far as Cleopatra and Mark Antony. It never usually ends well.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley‘s wife, Dianne, said she knew her husband was cheating on her when she began receiving text messages that were out-of-character for the 74 year-old.

According to the Daily Mail, Dianne Bentley knew something was going on with her husband and another woman when she began receiving text messages from him that included a rose emoji.

Suddenly Bentley began putting more thought into his dress, adding bright orange socks and snazzy ties’, according to a feature in GQ. 

But it was the roses that confused her the most.

They would come in random texts from Bentley and were ‘so unexpected and out of character for the governor she wondered if they were intended for someone else’.

Dianne began keeping a list of the unusual signs in a notebook, finally confiding in one of the young woman who worked in her First Lady office. 


Dianne ultimately got proof her husband was cheating when she decided to record him one day in their beach house on Alabama’s gulf coast.

Gov. Bentley denies that he ever had a physically relationship with his adviser Rebekah Mason, 44 years-old, though he is still facing potential impeachment.

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