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Angry abortion doctor with SCISSORS confronts protester while security laughs – his chilling rant

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In an odd but telling exchange outside a San Diego Family Planning Associates clinic last Monday, an abortion doctor ended up showing his true colors to a pro-life activist and, since the activist recorded the exchange, the rest of the world as well.

When the physician, identified by Life Site News as Dr. Robert Santella, walked outside the building he was immediately confronted by the activist, who calls himself Zephaniah Mel, about the need to repent of his sins. He then walked past the security guard, got directly in the activist’s face and snarled in a gutteral voice, “Why?” before adding “Stinky breath!”

“That’s pretty evil of you, sir,” said the activist.

Santella agreed, growled again, then raised his right hand, which contained a pair of scissors that, according to a second video from another angle, reached the same height as Zephaniah Mel’s neck.

“That’s what you do to babies?” the activist asked.

“Yeah, I love it,” Santella answered in the same gutteral voice he used the entire conversation.

The activist then told the good ‘doctor’ about his need for repentance and the grace of Jesus Christ.

“Oh, I never go to Christ,” Santella snarled. “I don’t listen to Christ … I do have a darkened heart … yeah … very, very much so.”

Santella agreed with the activist that he would stand before God in judgement, saying “Yes, I will, every day … every day.”

When the activist mockingly told the doctor to “keep tearing babies apart,” Santella replied, “Yeah, I will.”

“Their blood screams from the ground. You are a murderer sir, you are a murderer.”

The odd scene came to an end when the security guard told the doctor he had a phone call.

According to Life Watch, “Santella’s history shows a record of neglect that hurt women. In December 1983, the California State Board of Medical Quality Assurance suspended Dr. Santella’s licensefor 60 days and put him on probation for five years after documenting that he injured three female patients and contributed to one mother having a miscarriage.”

Watch the video below:

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