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AG Loretta Lynch does Sunday talk circuit Benghazi 2.0 style

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Deflect! Deflect! Deflect! That has been a theme running for the almost eight years of the Obama administration, and this Sunday’s appearance by Attorney General Loretta Lynch on all three traditional networks, plus CNN and Fox News is no different.

We saw it on the first Sunday after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, when the administration was pushing its narrative that the attack was the result of a spontaneous demonstration against an anti-Islam YouTube video.

It turned out to be a planned, well-executed terrorist attack that took four American lives.

But instead of Benghazi, today’s subject matter is the rampage committed on an Orlando, Florida gay nightclub by a radicalized Muslim one week ago to the day.

And instead of National Security Advisor (then-Ambassador to the U.N.) Susan Rice pushing Obama’s narrative, it’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

And it’ll be another deflection away from Islamic terror — this time to gun control and LGBT rights.

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CBS News’ “Face the Nation” reported:

No one seemed particularly surprised.

Others suggested going after radical Islam — the real culprit/

But one tweep observed that if Lynch were to discuss Islam during her appearances, it would be to decry anti-Muslim rhetoric. Why not? After all, the Orlando gunman. Omar Mateen, was a radicalized Muslim.

It’s all a matter of administrative priorities.

And finally, one person had a more fitting name for the once-proud CBS News Sunday talk show:


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