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After Dems walk out on moment of silence for Orlando victims, Sen. holds talk-a-thon for gun control

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In the wake of Democratic House members walking out of chambers during a moment of silence called for victims of Sunday’s Orlando terror attack, their brethren engaged in a filibuster.

What prompted each was the same — a call for more draconian gun control measures.

They prefer restricting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens to actually targeting the bad guys.

Sen. Chris Murphy ended a nearly 15-hour filibuster Thursday after the Connecticut Democrat received assurances that “a path forward” was possible on two Democratic amendments to a spending bill.

One, which was introduced by Murphy, would expand background checks on gun purchases, according to Fox News. The second was an amendment proposal by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, that would deny sales of firearms to persons on a government suspected terrorist list.

Feinstein has long lobbied for more restrictive gun measures, and in this case, GOP lawmakers argue that her proposal would deny those on watch lists due process.

Murphy kicked off the filibuster at 11:20 Wednesday morning and received assistance from several of his Democratic colleagues.

“I’m prepared to stand on this floor and talk about the need for this body to come together on keeping terrorists away from getting guns through those two measures, for frankly as long as I can. Because I know that we can come together on this issue,” Murphy said.

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Clip via Fox News Channel.


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