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Libs blame Target bathroom bombing on ‘Christian homophobe’ and boy were they embarrassed!

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Egg, meet face.

While news of the horrific terror attack in Orlando continues to divide a nation with its social and political connotations, updates from a “big” story from last week have been buried.

Liberals came out in force to blame a “Christian homophobe” for the alleged bombing at a Evanston, IL Target bathroom on June 8. After Target’s controversial bathroom policy was announced, Liberals were salivating to blame those who disagree with the policy for the “explosion.”

And “Bitter Minority” really has his priorities straight after Orlando:

But not so fast.

As Twitchy discovered, it was later reported by local news, the small explosion that set liberal-regressives into a vitriolic frenzy wasn’t a hate crime against the LGBT community at all.

It was a drug fix gone wrong.

Despite, an astute observer confronting “Bitter Minority” with the truth. The tweet that had absolutely not a grain of truth in it was retweeted over 2,000 times by the uniformed masses.

Because why let facts get in the way of your narrow ideology?

Speaking of which, Sally Kohn, who could rightfully be called one of the leaders of liberal-regressive ideology, exercised her own brand of divisive rhetoric aimed at Christians after the Orlando shootings.



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