Target CEO felt pretty hot after transgender bathroom policy–but he just got some really bad news

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Shareholders are not entirely happy with Target CEO Brian Cornell’s decision to allow biological men who identity as women into women’s bathrooms in stores across the country.

Cornell took questions from shareholders at an annual meeting and was brutally grilled when Justin Danhof, who heads the Free Enterprise Project, asked a particularly prickly question, according to the Washington Times.

Danhof asked Cornell if he thought customers who oppose the company’s transgender bathroom policy, where men can use the women’s bathroom so long as they say they are ‘transgender,’ are bigots.

But, Danhof said Cornell “didn’t answer the question.”

“He gave a vacuous statement on, ‘We believe in diversity, we believe in inclusion, and everyone should feel safe in our stores,'” said Danhof.

“‘Support inclusivity, support inclusion’ – it means nothing,” Danhof continued. “It’s meaningless. Especially in response to questions asked very pointedly about do you think these people are bigots. And my impression is that of course he does.”

Over a million people have signed a boycott pledge against Target since their announcement of their transgender bathroom policy and the company’s stock has plummeted more than 18 percent over the last month, according to the Times.

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