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Legendary artist unloads on media: ‘Trump bitch-slapped Fox News’

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Scott Adams, the cartoonist who created “Dilbert,” made a persuasive argument for Donald Trump — even though he’s publicly endorsing his likely opponent in the general election, Hillary Clinton.

“[M]y safety is at risk if I am seen as supportive of Trump. So I’m taking the safe way out and endorsing Hillary Clinton for president,” he wrote on his blog.

However, he believes the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will come out victorious on November 8.

“I actually predicted that he would win the general election in a landslide last year,” he told the Washington Examiner. “That was when people didn’t even think he would get nominated. So, the first part happened. Just waiting for the second part.”

The cartoonist said that what was especially intriguing to him is that from the very beginning, Trump has carried himself as if the election was a mere formality — it’s already a done deal as far as he’s concerned.

“My favorite thing that he is doing is that from the first months of the campaign he was building in our minds the impression that he is already in the job,” he told the Examiner. “The first example of when I noticed it was when he went on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ which a number of the candidates did… I believe that skit actually had Trump as president in the Oval Office. So, it made you think that. Now, look at how many times you have thought of President Trump or you even see a lot of people in the news accidentally saying President Trump instead of candidate Trump.”

Adams also observed that in the process, Trump has “taken over the Republican Party without being much of a Republican” through the use of his persuasive powers.

“Then, when the news organizations started piling up on him, he basically bitch-slapped Fox News.”

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