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Poll shows that Trump or Hillary’s victory may depend on how 3rd Party candidate is identified

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It’s early in the general election and we can’t tell a lot from polls at this point, but an interesting survey shows that how Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson is identified by pollsters has the potential to be a game changer.

A national survey by Morning Consult shows that when the former governor of New Mexico is identified as an independent, Clinton edges Trump, 37 percent to 35 percent.

BUT when Johnson is identified as a Libertarian, Trump beats Clinton 37 percent to 36 percent.

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Aside from suggesting the Libertarian Party may have a serious image problem — large naked men notwithstanding — the survey shows that for some voters, Johnson is emerging as a more palatable choice.

It doesn’t hurt his cause that the 2016 general election features “two of the most historically unpopular presidential candidates of all time,” as Morning Consult noted.

An earlier poll by Morning Consult suggested that Johnson’s entry into the race seemed to hurt Clinton more than Trump — Johnson’s views include supporting the legalization of marijuana and a lax stance on illegal immigration, to include making it easier for Mexican citizens to obtain temporary work visas in the United States.

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