City demands Georgia resident remove Civil War display, but he’s not backing down

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Lafayette Georgia resident Kevin Smith has spent the last three years building what he considers a tourist attraction, a life-sized Civil War display depicting various battles fought nearby. Naturally, the figures would and do feature battle flags from both sides, even (gasp – hide the women and the children!) Confederate flags.

Problem is, the hand-wringers at Lafayette’s Housing Authority apparently received complaints about the display’s various depictions of the Confederate Flag, (because we all know Confederate Flags, not people, kill people) and they sent the resident a notice demanding the display’s removal.

So far, however, Mr. Smith isn’t backing down.

In an interview with WRCB, Smith said, “It’s history and it’s heritage and it’s not hate. A presentation. Because I’ve tried to put the display around town so our tourists can see the history and draw tourism down here.”

“Mowers can get in here, zero turn mowers. It is not blocking the mowers or trimmers.”

Although a Housing Authority spokesperson said they are trying to resolve the dispute, officials are refusing to comment further on the advice of their attorneys.

In the meantime, Mr. Smith isn’t leaving his home or removing the display. “I am standing my ground. This is a part of our history. It is to educate so we don’t fight another war.”

UPDATE: Smith told Fox 5, “I am open to relocate, as long as it is safe and it will not be damaged.” The station reports that a compromise may be negotiated to move the display to nearby Pocket Park. | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

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