Obama turns into a stuttering wreck while trying to slam Trump–and folks can’t get enough

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President Obama’s normally elegant, urbane speaking style devolved into a sputtering, stuttering mess Wednesday at an Elkhart, Indiana campaign rally for Hillary Clinton.

Teleprompter problems? A glitch? Naw, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee apparently caused him to sound like a blithering idiot.

Clip via Jim Holt, The Gateway Pundit.

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Social media had a field day:

RedState contributing editor Jay Caruso tweeted Obama’s difficulty, prompting someone to suggest that he’d really struggle with something else:

When Breitbart White House correspondent Charlie Spiering called it a “glitch,” someone offered a few other explanaations.

And that was followed in short order by the snark.

And finally, Spiering offered this Gif, so you can hear it repeated over and over again. Turn the speaker on in the lower-right corner.

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