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S.E. Cupp reacts to Donald Trump’s latest clash with the press

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In response to Donald Trump slamming the media for its coverage of money he has raised for veterans, CNN’s S.E. Cupp said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “fundamentally confused” about the role of the press.

Trump tore into the media Tuesday at a press conference for being “unbelievably dishonest,” saying he didn’t “want the credit” for raising the money, but “shouldn’t be lambasted.”

“Instead of being like, ‘Thank you very much, Mr. Trump,’ or ‘Trump did a good job,’ everyone’s saying: ‘Who got it? Who got it? Who got it?’ And you make me look very bad,” the candidate said to the reporters in the room. “I have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job.”

On “The Situation Room,” Cupp said that it’s the job of the press to ask tough questions of those running for president and not to say “thank you” to Trump for doing something good.

“That’s not the role of the media, to thank the presidential nominee for raising money,” she said. “It’s not the job of the media to heap praise upon him.”

“I just think he’s fundamentally very confused about the role of free press,” she concluded.

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