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Breast implants ruptured, but saved woman’s life after angry kangaroo attacks her

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Photo source: Daily Mail.com.

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One woman is thanking her lucky stars – and her breast implants – that she’s alive today.

Two friends suffered injuries after being attacked by an angry kangaroo in South Australia’s Clare Valley last week, the Daily Mail reported.

Sharon Heinrich credits her breast implants for saving her life.

“They worked as air bags,” she said.

Heinrich said the implants that ruptured on the animal’s impact, helped shield her from further internal damage.

Heinrich recalls seeing the animal and thinking it was “cute” just before it attacked, knocking her off the bike and using her as a launching pad to attack Heinrich’s friend.

“We flew probably one-and-a-half metres after he hit us,” Heinrich told the Daily Mail.

“I was on the ground and couldn’t breathe for about 10 minutes. I couldn’t talk.

“Helen got up and she stayed with me until I could breathe, got on my bike and rode to a business about half a kilometre away (at Penwortham).”

Helen Salter suffered a head injury from the ordeal, and both women rode to a nearby business to seek medical help.

Heinrich, who also suffered broken ribs and internal injuries, is expected to recover after surgery.

“Even my doctor said how I’ve come out of this is just incredible,” she said.

The whole ordeal is pretty incredible.

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