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Whoopi offers a whopper of a theory on why Hillary hid her emails – brace yourself . . .

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The ladies on ABC’s “The View” delved into the State Department finding that Hillary Clinton violated department rules by using a private email server when co-host Whoopi Goldberg offered up an absurd theory on why the former secretary of state may have been compelled to go that route.

Whoopi’s reasoning?

Hillary wanted to hide email fights with Bill, according to the Media Research Center.

After all, who has time for national security when faced with potentially embarrassing marital spats.

Whoopi was pushing a narrative that the State Department should have prevented Clinton from using a private server, when co-host Candace Cameron Bure asked if Clinton had nothing to hide, “why wouldn’t she comply with everything?”

“No, I’ll tell you — I’ll tell you exactly why,” Whoopi said. “Because I know that if they grab an email where she’s cussing Bill out for some reason because he forgot to bring the cutlets home, it’s going to appear in the newspaper.”

And for that cockamamie reason alone, Whoopi justified Clinton opting to use a private email server… besides, as she had already established, if anyone is at fault, it’s the Obama State Department.

“I get why she did it,” Whoopi insisted. “I don’t understand why, if the State Department felt that she was breaking the law and that she was sending classified information, why they didn’t stop it.”

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