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ESPN columnist slams cops singing at ballparks – it’s a racist show of power?

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“ESPN Magazine” senior writer Howard Bryant argued in has latest column that police officers and military personnel should not sing the national anthem before sporting events.

But it’s not because he thinks they have bad voices — but rather because it amounts to a display of “staged patriotism” signaling an “authoritarian shift at the ballpark.”

“Why don’t more athletes speak out on behalf of their communities?” Bryant wrote. “Perhaps more of them would if there wasn’t a chilling force looming over them.”

Bryant’s column became a subject on a “Fox and Friends Weekend” segment, and the gang totally disagreed with him.

Anna Kooiman noted that Bryant had written similar columns, in which he took the exception to “doing the flyovers and singing the national anthem and ‘God Bless America.’”

In today’s political climate, where kids in some district can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance, she asked “What is the problem here with expressing some patriotism? It’s not forced patriotism!”

Peter Doocy said that, according to Bryant, these displays are “feeding into the 9/11 hero narrative,” which butts heads with the Black Lives Matter movement.

He does not believe that police officers on 9/11 were heroes,” he said, and then wondered why a sporting magazine was opining about politics in the first place.

“People don’t go to ESPN for racially inflammatory political views,” he said. “They want to hear about Steph Curry and whether his defense is any good.”

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Clip via Fox News Channel.


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