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When the playground came to a stop, all 5 kids stood at attention. Then Mom heard it…

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Danielle Tomei Davila’s heart swelled with pride when she captured a video of her children and their friends playing at the playground at Marine Corps Air Station New River, at Jacksonville, North Carolina.

She took the video of the kids playing on the swings from inside the back door of her home on base.

All at once, in unison and without prompting, the children got off the swings and stood at attention.

Then she heard it too — the bugle was sounding retreat — and it all made sense.

“Marine Corps kids playing on the playground on base,” she wrote. “When colors sound this is what happens. And what SHOULD happen! This video is of my children and their friends. I filmed from my back door inside my house. It was a part of our military life I always wanted to remember. This was at MCAS New River.”

The video was captured five years ago, but it will never get old.

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Clip via Danielle Tomei Davila


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