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George W. Bush’s granddaughter has given him a perfectly adorable nickname

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George W. Bush, the 43rd president of the United States has been called many things throughout his career — both good and bad.

To distinguish him from his also-former president father, he’s been called “Bush the Younger” and “Bush-43.”

Dick Cheney, his vice president, referred to him as “The Apprentice.” While his friends from Texas often refer to him as “The Bombastic Bushkin.”

Many still refer to him by his middle initial — “Dubya.”

However, his granddaughter Mila gave him what has to be the most precious moniker.

Laura Bush revealed Mila’s name for her grandpa in a People magazine interview.

“Every single day we talk to them with Facetime, so they know him,” Laura Bush said. “I’ll answer the phone and they’ll say where’s Jefe?”

Trick-or-Treating with a tiny astronaut, @laurawbush, and @jennabhager

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Mila’s mother, Jenna Bush, explained that Jefe means chief in Spanish; accordingly, she always asks for “Jefe and Grammy.”

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