Another priceless work of art comes to a crashing end after it falls prey to dumbest trend ever

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A statue that has sat in place for 126 years came to a smashing fall after being bumped by a man taking a selfie.

An unidentified young man climbed up to the pedestal of Dom Sebastiao’s statue outside Lisbon’s Rossio railway station on Tuesday, according to a Reuters report. In his attempt to take a selfie with the 16th century Portuguese king’s statue, the man accidentally knocked the revered work of art off its base.

The man attempted to flee the scene after his perfect snapshot ended in perfect disaster. Police reportedly apprehended the young man who will appear before a judge on a later date, according Reuters.

The child-sized statue of the king had adorned the entrance to the station, a protected monument, sitting in a niche between two arches since the station’s completion in 1890.

Dom Sebastiao ruled Portugal from 1557 – 1578 after taking the throne at age three. A tragic figure in Portuguese history, the young king died at the age of 24 after a failed invasion of Morocco.

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Frieda Powers


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