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Trump gets blamed for Budweiser beer’s makeover

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Trump is getting blamed from a far-left publication for something that’s really pretty awesome – patriotic beer.

Donald Trump was not the mastermind behind the new summer marketing campaign that proudly says “America” across the iconic cans, but he might get credit, or blame, for it either way.

The new design that has not yet been approved by regulators got under the skin of at least one of the writers at the New Republic (aka Pravda) who called the new beer campaign “stupid.”

The article tiresomely discusses the “psychology” behind such a rarely seen patriotic display. Taken from New Republic’s article:

This stupid Budweiser campaign is Donald Trump’s fault. If we think of the U.S. presidential election season not only as a grand exercise in democracy, but as a vast proving ground for how to sell a message to millions of Americans, then Trump’s campaign is surely being studied by every marketing agency in the country. The secret to his success, and the main rhetorical innovation he has brought to presidential politics, is to dispel subtlety altogether and make subtext text.


What?! This guy has got to be a real blast at the neighborhood Independence Day celebration.

Ironically, if there was any “problem” with the campaign, New Republic missed it. The majority of the Missouri-born beer company Anheuser-Busch was bought by a Belgian company in 2008.

But that didn’t stop the beer giant from marketing to Americans where Budweiser remains wildly popular:

New Republic felt some heat on social media while the political left and right duked it out:

Boy, you ain’t kidding…

Whatever lady. You just don’t get it.

Now, we’re talking!

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