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Rush Limbaugh: White House move has devalued presidency to point ‘moral, ethical, and legal bankruptcy’

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Rush officially declared the White House morally bankrupt.

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh’s commentary came after comedian Larry Wilmore dropped the “N-word” at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on Saturday. After some praise for Obama becoming the first black president, Wilmore declared, ‘Yo, Barry, you did it, my n***a!’

Limbaugh was left flabbergasted by the incendiary joke that would have gotten any Republican run out of town on a stake.

“The office of the presidency has been devalued now to the point of moral, ethical, and legal bankruptcy,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Monday, “and it was just epitomized by the way a comedian with a tiny, tiny audience, addressed the president of the United States.”

“Saying what nobody else can say. Saying something that I couldn’t say. Nobody else in polite society or anywhere else in the media could say it without all hell raining down on them, and in some cases there would be serious efforts to have whoever said it, even if quoting it, removed from his position in broadcasting.”

He added that certain sectors are allowed to get away with different rules.

“There are different rules for different people, and the bigger the minority or the greater the perceived victim status, the more leeway people have in behaving in uncivilized or reprobate ways. Which is kind of odd. But nevertheless, it’s the way it is.”

Limbaugh also mentioned Obama’s immediate response at the dinner where he smiled and laughed at “the joke.”  Since then, the President went further, reportedly saying he “appreciated the spirit” of Wilmore’s “sentiments.”

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