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You won’t believe why this Bloomberg columnist is comparing Trump to Hitler

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To some people, the notion of our leaders actually putting “the interests of the American people first,” as Donald Trump said in his foreign policy speech on Wednesday, is so scary they’ve just got to figure out a way to compare it to Hitler and the Nazis.

It’s a tried and true liberal tactic, of course. Whenever you can’t win an argument, and especially if your political opponent takes a view that is bound to be popular with many people, just start comparing their view or even the person you’re arguing with to the Third Reich and bingo – they cower and apologize and you win.

It’s usually a slam dunk, except that after over 80 years people have finally begun to see through it.

Of course, that isn’t stopping Bloomberg’s Eli Lake from giving it the old college try. In a column Wednesday afternoon, Lake compared Trump’s rhetoric to famous aviator and “America Firster” Charles Lindbergh, a strong critic of Franklin Roosevelt and opponent of American entry into World War II. Lindbergh also praised Hitler and the Nazi regime in the 30’s, but in fairness so did the New York Times.

Lake writes, “For years this phrase was toxic. Pat Buchanan has used it from time to time, but ‘America first’ and the idea it represented — American neutrality towards the Nazis — has been largely banished from respectable discourse.

Now Trump is bringing the phrase back to the mainstream. He deploys it at his campaign rallies. And in his major foreign policy speech Wednesday, there it was right at the top. The real-estate magnate promised to ‘always put the interests of the American people first.’ He said: ‘That will be the foundation of every single decision I will make. ‘America first’ will be the major and overriding theme of our administration.'”

Putting Americans first. A concept apparently so revolutionary to the establishment it must be maligned at all costs. Only this time, Americans aren’t falling for it.

Watch Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech below and judge for yourself.

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