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Ted Cruz: ‘Donald may do everything he can to encourage riots’ at convention

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Ted Cruz is spreading the word that Donald Trump will encourage riots if the Republican convention is contested.

The only way Cruz can secure the Republican nomination for president at this point is by denying front-runner Donald Trump the 1,237 delegates he needs and then moving on to a contested convention.

CBS News’ John Dickerson asked the Texas senator on “Face the Nation” Sunday if that might not lead to rioting at the convention.

“No it won’t,” he answered. “Although Donald may do everything he can to encourage riots.”

He also noted that although Ronald Reagan walked into the 1976 convention with the most delegates he lost that to Gerald Ford, and that Abraham Lincoln was second in delegate counts but nonetheless came out the winner at the first GOP national convention.

Early last month, Trump surrogate Roger Stone urged Trump supporters to go to Cleveland if the convention is contested.

“We’re going to have protests, demonstrations,” he told Stefan Molyneux on FreeDomain Radio. “We will disclose the hotels and the room numbers of those delegates” who are not loyal to Trump.

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Watch the clip via CBS News.



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