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Sen. Mike Lee says he’s ‘bit his tongue’ for years on Boehner — but just UNLOADS on him for ‘Lucifer’ remarks

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Boehner’s recent comments just days before big primary election ‘crossed the line’…

Sen. Mike Lee eviscerated former House Speaker John Boehner’s characterization of fellow Sen. Ted Cruz, calling it “really vile stuff” during his appearance on “The Mark Levin Show” Thursday.

The Utah Republican was amazed that fellow Republican Boehner can praise Sen. Bernie Sanders, a socialist, Democrat Hillary Clinton and nominal Republican Donald Trump, “and yet for Ted Cruz, what does he call him?” he asked. “He calls him the devil. He calls him Satan. He calls him Lucifer!”

Lee attributed the former Ohio congressman’s remarks to Cruz challenging the system, “the very same system that Donald Trump claims to rail against.”

Lee told host Mark Levin that he’d avoided saying anything disparaging against Boehner for years although he’d frequently disagreed with him, “because I respected him as a person, and I respected his office.”

He said that Boehner’s remarks should be a “wake up call” to Trump supporters who believe “he’s the guy who’s going to rail against the establishment. He’s not — he is the establishment,” Lee emphasized.

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Listen to the full interview.

Lee’s words may not have been “a wake up call” to Trump supporters, but they certainly fired up Cruz’s base.


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