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Judge Jeanine: Why Hillary losing to a 74-year-old socialist is a very good sign

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Given her pathetic performance against Bernie Sanders, “There’s a real chance Hillary Clinton will not win in November.”

With these words, Judge Jeanine Pirro began her “opening statement.”

“The most ominous sign is that Hillary’s losing to a 74-year-old socialist,” she said. “These Bernie beatings are taking a toll.”

She observed that while Bernie Sanders stirs up the crowd by giving a rousing speech, Hillary Clinton “will say or do anything to get elected, including throwing her own husband under the bus.”

Pirro believes that with her superdelegates and the rigged Democratic system, she has every chance of getting her party’s nomination.

“But can she win the presidency? I don’t think so,” she said, observing that the words generally used to describe the former secretary of state are “dishonest, untrustworthy, liar.”

Pirro called out Clinton for claiming she stood up to Wall Street, when actually, “not one person has gone to jail as a result of the corruption and the fraud that has put us into an economic recession.”

Moving on to job creation, “It took the socialist to do what the left-wing media wouldn’t — that is call you out on the fact that exports create jobs and imports destroy them.”

Instead of talking about unequal pay for women, “How about you start worrying about the millions of Americans who are out of work, with no pay and no check?” Pirro asked.

Watch her opening statement via Fox News.

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