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Trump says Wyoming delegates were essentially ‘paid off’ in yet another ‘voterless’ Cruz victory

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In yet another “voterless” state convention, Ted Cruz has managed to snag 14 more Wyoming delegates to add to the nine of 12 he already won at county meetings in March. This gives Cruz an assured 23 of 29 delegates from the state, 24 if you include the one of three party official delegates, RNC Committeewoman Marti Halverson, who has also pledged her support to Cruz.

Donald Trump will come out of Wyoming with one pledged delegate. One will vote for Rubio on the first ballot and Cruz after that. The rest are uncommitted at this point.

Ted Cruz apologists will point to Donald Trump’s lack of organization in Wyoming as the reason for his loss, but that is only part of the story. Indeed, Trump didn’t put much effort into winning the state. But why should he, when the deck was clearly stacked against him?

Instead of holding a primary vote like other states, 475 “party activists” meet in Casper to determine the Republican slate.

According to Trump, “I don’t want to waste millions of dollars going out to Wyoming many months before to wine and dine and to essentially pay off all these people because a lot of it’s a pay-off. You understand that, they treat ’em, they take ’em to dinner, they get ’em hotels. I mean the whole thing’s a big pay-off, has nothing to do with democracy.”

In response to the oft-repeated accusation that the Trump campaign is somehow unaware of the “rules,” Trump senior adviser spoke to the campaign’s pragmatic strategy when it comes to procedures like this, “We know how to read. We read the rules. The rules don’t favor us …. the allies didn’t invade every Japanese island. We skipped some to get to the prize.”

In other words, in a rigged system, knowing the “rules” doesn’t do an outsider any good at all. Instead, Trump will appeal to the American people. The question is, will it be enough?

Scott Morefield


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