MSNBC pulls race card out to get Omarosa to bash Trump: ‘As a woman of color . . .’

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She’s standing by her man.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid confronted former “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa over her continued support of Donald Trump, especially given that other contestants from the show have denounced the Republican presidential front-runner as a misogynist and racist.

Omarosa said that there are differences of opinion in every family and that the other contestants are more-than-likely Clinton supporters.

“But I stand with Donald Trump because I know that he has an incredible vision for this country and he will indeed make America great,” she said.

Reid countered with the candidate’s unfavorable ratings among voters.

“He has a 67 percent unfavorable rating in the country,” she said. “There are people who are using the word fascism.”

Omarosa questioned the timing of their statement of the former “Apprentice” contestants coming just days before the New York Primary.

“If they were really concerned about Donald Trump,” she asked, “why wait until now?”

But Reid wanted “to get to the substance of their concerns,” including “Donald Trump not exactly eschewing an endorsement from … David Duke who is a former Klan leader. You have attacks on immigrants, attacks on Mexican Americans,” she said. “As a woman of color, do you have not concerns about this?”

“Donald Trump is starting a revolution, he’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, okay?, Omarosa replied. “And he’s trying to change the way the system is so completely broken for Americans.”

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Watch the clip, via MSNBC.


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