‘I love that guy’: Trump looks out for supporter who passed out at Syracuse rally

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Faint-hearted people may want to take notice, a Donald Trump rally may not be the place for them.

Think what you may of Trump, but the Republican front-runner looks out for his supporters as seen on Saturday in Syracuse, New York, when a man passed out at a raucous campaign rally — the atmosphere was already charged by angry protesters being swept from the event.

The candidate had just finished ripping the Republican Party for “rigging” the system so he “can’t win” when attendants came to the assistance of a man in the crowd. Trump stopped his speech as the man was being helped.

“Take your time, fellows. Take your time,” he told the attendants.

“I love you, man,” Trump said as he began clapping and urged the crowd to give the person a hand. “This is a great guy.”

The candidate even left the stage momentarily to check on the man as he was being taken out.

“I love that guy,” Trump said when he returned to the podium. “He’s probably been waiting here for five hours. Tough stuff.”

The full speech can be see here with the incident involving the supporter occurring at the 46:30-minute mark:

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Tom Tillison


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