Common sense demonstration on transgenders so good, it goes viral

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Wishing it to be doesn’t make it so.

A woman took to social media to make a point about cross-dressers and transsexuals wanting to use restrooms reserved for members of the opposite sex.

Six months before Halloween, Kristi Merritt decided to play a little dress-up to make her point, and she posted the results on her Facebook page where it soon went viral.

In no time, her post received over 17,000 likes and was shared over 44,000 times. Here are her photos one-by-one, with the point she made in each.

Source of all photos: Facebook



And here’s her final point — take heed.


The point is, even for those calling themselves transsexuals, who take all the hormones and go through the surgery, you can’t turn a man into a woman or vice versa.

XX and XY sex chromosomes will always remain what they were at birth, and a person born a man will never bear a child, and a person born a woman will never sire one.

End of story.

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H/T: Young Conservatives


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