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Truth about Hillary sets Sharpton conference ablaze

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An aide to Dr. Ben Carson dropped a huge truth bomb on Al Sharpton’s conference Wednesday — don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

He delivered his warning after the former secretary of state pandered to the National Action Network conference in New York by stating that “white privilege” is a reality.

In response, Carson business manager Armstrong Williams said that the Clintons “will say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected.”

He made his remarks during the conference’s panel discussion Wednesday.

“We sit here, you hear the race speeches because they feel that’s what you want to hear today,” he continued. “Everything in America is not always about race.”

The audience reaction made it clear this wasn’t something they wanted to hear.

“Make these people earn your vote,” Williams told them. “If it’s Donald Trump, so be it. If it’s Bernie Sanders, so be it. Do not allow the Clintons and the establishment to waltz in here and wave their hand and everything is OK. Let them earn your vote, OK?”

Then he addressed the booers.

“I don’t mind the hisses, because you know the truth when you hear it. Make them earn your vote. You can talk about race. They play the race card too, as they did in South Carolina against Barack Obama. Don’t get caught up in the short memory. This is a business. They’ll say whatever they need to say and do whatever they need to do to get elected.”

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