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‘Megyn, calm down!’: Squirming Al Sharpton begs for mercy in heated interview with Megyn Kelly

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Megyn Kelly scored a surprising interview with race hustler Al Sharpton and while things got off to a somewhat jovial start, the Fox News host ultimately lived up to her hard-hitting reputation when she confronted Sharpton for his role in ginning up outrage in Ferguson.

Sharpton was quick to capitalize on Michael Brown’s death, going to Ferguson to agitate already raw emotions by claiming former Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson was not in fear for his life — the Obama Justice Department ultimately found the incident to be a justified shooting.

“The issue is how a young man with no deadly threat, no life-extenuating circumstances, was shot multiple times,” Sharpton said in the days following the shooting.

“Do you feel bad about what you said?” Kelly asked Sharpton, after noting that the DOJ concluded that Wilson shot Brown in self-defense.

Naturally, Sharpton refused to accept responsibility for his actions, nor was he about to apologize, but Kelly continued to grill him, asking if he bears responsibility “when your opinion is proved to be wrong.”

“Megyn, calm down!” a squirming Sharpton finally said, prompting Kelly to warn him to “watch it with ‘calm down.'”

Kelly famously took Bill O’Reilly to task back in 2012 for using the phrase “calm down,” charging that it was “patronizing” and has “a special connotation when a man says it to a woman.”

The charged interview can be seen here, with the remarks on Ferguson coming at the 6:45-minute mark:

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