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Former NYPD detective: Muslim Americans are the best anti-terrorist weapon we have

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Former New York City Police Department detective Richard A. “Bo” Dietl defended comments he’d made in the past about increasing police presence in Muslim neighborhoods.

During his appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, he said that those comments have resulted in him being labeled as a racist.

He countered that Muslims are the best anti-terrorist weapon we have.

“If I’m looking for the old Irish Republican Army bringing guns back to Ireland, I’m going to go into an Irish community,” he told co-host Brian Kilmeade.

“When you mention Muslim American, everybody gets all politically correct. It’s like screeching chalk on a blackboard,” Dietl continued. “That’s baloney.”

He said that police should make use of Muslim community residents.

“I want to know from the good Muslim Americans what’s going on in the community, and I want them to interact with the police.”

He criticized New York City’s “Big Bird Mayor” Bill de Blasio’s political correctness with respect to Muslim Americans, and said “he doesn’t want to hear the words Muslim terrorist.”

He concluded that “It’s all about stopping it before it happens.”

Watch the clip via Fox News.

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