Poor cupcakes: MSNBC outraged over Wisconsin’s ‘strict’ voter ID laws because of long lines

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Quick to take advantage of any opportunity to disparage voter ID laws, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was beside himself over people being required to — egad! — wait in line to vote.

While discussing Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary, Matthews and his panel were outraged over that state’s “strict” voter ID laws, suggesting that the simple act of showing identification or, for new voters, proving residency before casting a ballot is tantamount to voter suppression.


The proof? Lines at the polls.

Never mind that, according to Twitchy.com, requirements to vote in Wisconsin are similar to many other states. Local CBS affiliate WSAW also reported that there were “few issues with ID law and registration.”

But don’t tell Matthews and crew, who were too busy pushing a narrative to take a moment to look at all the facts.

While MSNBC lamented over the poor cupcakes having to wait in line to vote, social media users offered a fair dose of reality (even if it does counter the liberal propaganda).

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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