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DWS quickly morphs to martyr after jaw dropping question on Sanders: I absorb the body blows

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz assumed a role out of character for the typically caustic and belligerent chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee — she played the martyr.

During her appearance on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Monday, host Trevor Noah asked if the party was “c**k-blocking” Sen. Bernie Sanders on behalf of his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Schultz, who’s also a south Florida congresswoman, seemed more than a little uncomfortable as she deflected the question.

“The reality is, is I have a job as the national party chair that is, one that requires a thick skin, it requires me to be able to absorb the body blows so our candidates can stay above the fray.”

“If I have to take a few punches in order for them to be able to make sure that they can get their message out, then so be it,” she said.

She reverted back to her normal self when wrapping up her appearance — she trashed the Republican Party.

“The Republicans have been totally transparent,” she said. “They care about the wealthy. They care about big business and big banks, and we’re going to make sure we continue to expose them.”

The wealthy? Big business? Big banks? She should begin by exposing her own party’s front-runner.

Watch the clip via Comedy Central below. Noah asks Sander’s question around the 2:30 mark.

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