Video: Vulgar BLM protesters spit on Old Glory, but they were just getting started

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Protesters at a Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin, including several Black Lives Matter members, were taped standing and spitting on the American flag in a protest apparently not aimed against the candidate.

“F*ck this flag. F*ck this country,” one man said. “It’s hypocritical. This red, white and blue — this sh*t is the new swastika,” a protester said.

The Trump rally took place in West Allis, Wisconsin, where four years earlier, teenager Corey Stingley was caught shoplifting. He died while being held down by three customers, one of whom held him by his neck.

“Corey Stingley was a young individual who went to this school,” the protester said. “Three white gentlemen choked him to death because he attempted to steal some items from a store even though he put the items back and attempted to leave.”

Although the protest took place at a Trump rally, he added that “I’m not here specifically for Trump.”

Watch the clip below. **WARNING: Strong Language**

In the second clip, a female protester bent down and spit on the flag three times after claiming back power will never happen “because you people won’t let it.”

Her actions prompted a male protester to do the same.

“Oh that one’s nasty one right there,” he said afterwards.

Watch the clip via InfoWars. **WARNING: Strong Language**

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