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Rand Paul softens to Trump: ‘We never get the candidate we exactly want . . . ‘

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Rand Paul and Donald Trump often clashed on and off the debate stage during the early primary season, but Rand Paul now intends to support Trump should he win the Republican nomination.

At one point last August while criticizing Paul’s intention to run for both the Senate and the Presidency at the same time, Trump said that if he lived in Kentucky, he would run for Paul’s seat and, “Believe me, I would win.”

Before a debate last September, Paul called Trump, among other things, a “fake conservative,” … “barely a Republican” and a “consummate insider,” and warned that he was going to expose him and give him “what he deserves.”

It didn’t take long for Trump to respond in the debate. “Rand Paul shouldn’t even be on this stage. He’s No. 11, he’s got 1 percent in the polls, and how he got up here – there’s far too many people anyway.”

Despite the apparent animosity between the two, it always seemed like Trump flew closer to Paul’s territory on foreign policy than any of the other candidates. Both have similar views on Syria, NATO, and America having a more limited role in foreign affairs than the typical establishment neoconservative. Both would like to see America’s role as “world police” reduced.

And yet it seemed like Paul might follow in his father’s footsteps and refuse to support Trump under any circumstances. But on Friday, Paul told a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter that he does plan to support Trump, but only if he becomes the nominee.

“I think we never get the candidate we exactly want unless you’re the candidate,” Paul said, “Think about it from this perspective. I’m from Kentucky, and Hillary Clinton recently said she would put coal miners out of business, and she would put coal companies out of business.”

It would seem like Paul is taking the pragmatic stand many conservatives who have issues with Trump will have to take if there is any chance of keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House. For now, however, the nomination is still up for grabs and Paul is on record as supporting “entropy” until things sort themselves out. He could certainly do worse!

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