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Trump throws ‘assaulted’ reporter’s own words back at her; sets off social media firestorm

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As one might expect, social media exploded in reaction to charges being filed against Donald Trump’s campaign manager for the alleged battery of reporter Michelle Fields, led in no small part by the Republican presidential front-runner himself.

He tweeted:

Fox News provided a clip of the video evidence the police used to make their assessment.

Trump followed up with this:

At that point, Fields couldn’t hold back any longer. She replied:

And what was her story from the beginning? Trump was nice enough to provide it.

There was nothing specifically said to indicate that she was thrown to the ground — only that she “almost fell.” At that point, Trump wanted to carry the brouhaha further:

The billionaire businessman claimed that Fields touched him and offered this photo as proof.

No one was quite sure what Trump was referring to here. One thought she had the answer, though.

People gathered on both sides of the feud. A lot of folks agreed with reporter Stephan Dörner, who thought Trump was making “much ado about nothing.”

While others called Fields the culprit.

The only thing that’s clear: 2016 has to be one of the strangest political seasons in American history.

H/T: The Right Scoop


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