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Kirsten Powers: I happen to know somebody anti-Trump was very aggressively shopping Cruz sex story

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Over the weekend, several sources, chief among them columnist Kirsten Powers, reported that the story of Sen. Ted Cruz‘s alleged sex scandal had been “shopped around” to numerous outlets by someone who was both anti-Cruz and anti-Trump as opposed to Cruz’s speculation that it originated from the Donald Trump campaign.

Powers, who’s also a Fox News contributor, confirmed this in a Fox News appearance over the weekend.

“The Daily Beast reported that it was shopped around by two — reporters by somebody who was a pro-Rubio person,” she said.

“I also happen to know that one of the people who was shopping the story around very aggressively was somebody who was completely anti-Trump, and was anti-Cruz also … but who was not a person who in anyway was supportive of Trump.”

The Texas Republican has speculated all along that the story must have originated from the Trump campaign given that the the billionaire businessman and the publisher of the National Inquirer are on friendly terms.

In addition, sources from Breitbart News told the Daily Beast that the publication’s editors had been approached with a Cruz sex story but turned it down.

Although the story spread on the Internet like spilled ink on paper, even die-hard Trump fans doubted the story’s veracity.

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