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Spring break prankster gets his comeuppance on social media — with an arrest warrant

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After a spring breaker tweaked the nose of an Alabama police department on social media, the Gulf Shores Police Department used the same media to strike right back with an arrest warrant.

Party boy and prankster Kameron Lane Heady had a friend video him throwing a football and hitting a Gulf Shores police cruiser. The clip was then posted to Twitter, where it went viral, and re-posted by Total Frat Move which has over a million followers.

But one thing pranksters keep forgetting is that police use social media also.

Gulf Shores police picked up on it and re-posted Heady’s video on its Facebook page along with a message for the Texas State University student.

“A Spring Breaker thought it would be a great idea to throw a football at a GSPD vehicle patrolling the beaches of Gulf Shores,” the department’s post said with the arrest warrant charging him with harassment attached.


“Hey Kameron. We found you. Great arm. Bad decision,” the department posted on Facebook.

Total Frat Move tweeted:

And fellow Texas State student Hunter Conley had a question for the police.

Watch the video via AL.com.


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