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O’Reilly lets Obama have it: ‘The longer the USA dithers, the worse we’re going to suffer down the road’

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Bill O’Reilly criticized Obama’s stand on ISIS for not using American resources to defeat the radical terrorist group.

The number-one thing learned from the terror attack in Brussels is that Obama will not “engage the ISIS savages in a meaningful way,” O’Reilly said during his show “The O’Reilly Factor” on Thursday.

“No matter what happens, short of another 9/11, the president is not going to change his opinion,” he said.

O’Reilly also pointed to factors in Belgium and other parts of Europe that make them targets for terrorist attacks.

“The incredible laxity on immigration and the ultra-liberal policing have made Europe the easiest target in the world for ISIS and every other terror group,” he said, adding that if the far-left had its way in the U.S., “we’d be just like Belgium.”

Another thing learned from Tuesday’s terror attack in Brussels, O’Reilly said, is that the federal government still has no “cohesive strategy” to “neutralize terror acts” or secure America’s borders. He added that even some liberals understand the jihad threat and also understand that little is being done about it by this administration.

“There is a likelihood of ISIS attacking with weapons of mass destruction,” O’Reilly said. “The longer the USA dithers, the worse we’re going to suffer down the road.”

Watch the comments in the video below.


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