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British man arrested for TWEET! He asked Muslim woman to ‘explain Brussels’ – is US headed this way?

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Brit Matthew Doyle was arrested this week for “inciting racial hatred.” His offense? He tweeted an encounter he’d had with a Muslim woman asking her to explain the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

His tweet stated: “I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘Nothing to do with me.’ A mealy mouthed reply.”


Making the arrest more bizarre — and egregious — is the fact that Doyle wasn’t arrested for confronting the woman, he was arrested for publishing the confrontation on social media.

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney was aghast, calling it a “flat-out free speech issue” that could never have happened in the United States.

Fox News contributor Brigitte Gabriel agreed by adding that Europe has been on this “slippery slope” in its attempt to avoid offending Muslims to the point that “they are now afraid of their shadow.”

When Varney said that no one in America could be arrested for an innocuous tweet like Boyle’s, Gabriel cautioned, “Not yet.”

She observed that Americans are becoming more fearful about speaking their mind.

“As a matter of fact, the United Nations is trying to make it a hate speech,” she said, referring to a U.N. resolution that would make criticism of Islam a criminal act.

“On American college campuses, I think we’ve arrived at that position,” Varney put in.

Gabriel replied that Americans should be especially concerned about this, as those students will someday be the nation’s lawyers, reporters and lawmakers.

Watch the clip via Fox News.


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