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Headline on Obama’s Cuban visit must have shocked the White House

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Much to the surprise of the White House — but not to anyone else — as President Obama was winging his way south to the island nation of Cuba, its leaders were cracking down on dissident and adding to the political prisoner population.

New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker tweeted:

That wasn’t quite the way the president had it planned.

“The guest list for that meeting will be determined solely by the White House,” White House chief spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday.

“The president will meet with whomever he chooses to meet with.”

Well, not quite. And when Baker tweeted the headline, no one else was even a bit surprised.

One sadly ironic note is that the world woke up Monday morning to the news that celebrated conservative political cartoonist Glenn Foden had died.

His final cartoon, published Saturday, was about the president’s visit to Cuba.


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