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Best 7 videos of ISIS getting blown to bits

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DC-NEWS 300X71By Russ Read

Air strikes against Islamic State have taken a massive toll on the terrorist group. Led by U.S. forces, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) has blow up everything from men to material. Here are seven of the best of examples of ISIS being on the receiving end of thousands of pounds of explosive justice.


ISIS barracks goes up in smoke.

Restricting the freedom of movement of ISIS personnel has been a key objective for the coalition. One effective way to do that is to drop bombs on their safe havens.

Weapons cache gets decommissioned via bomb.

Taking out ISIS fighters’ ability to conduct terror operations and gain territory starts with taking away their ability to fight.

ISIS headquarters turned into an inferno.

Coalition forces turned a key ISIS headquarters in Mosul into a blazing inferno in January. Multiple munitions appeared to have been used in order to turn the multi-level facility into Hell on Earth for the terrorists inside.

ISIS assembly area vaporized.

The ISIS fighters assembling at this staging area in Mosul probably intended to meet up with their fellow terrorists, but what they met was several hundred pounds of boom.

Coalition forces make it rain “Daesh cash.”

Destroying ISIS financial hubs has been a major focus of the coalition forces fighting ISIS. In this video, you can see how an air strike literally made it rain what the personnel of CJTF-OIR call “Daesh cash.”

Some ISIS fighters tried to hide in a cave … it didn’t work.

Radical terrorists often try to hide underground from those hunting them in the air. These terrorists probably thought they were pretty clever hiding in a cave complex — too bad it didn’t help much.

Coalition forces cease production of improvised explosive device factory.

ISIS won’t be able to kill anyone with IEDs after getting annihilated by coalition forces.

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