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Video: Black Trump supporter beats the hell out of protester being escorted out with hooded KKK agitator

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An Arizona Donald Trump rally turned into the Saturday night fights when an anti-Trump protester was punched and kicked while being escorted out of the building by police.

The protester, wearing an American flag shirt and holding up a large photo of the Republican presidential candidate, is followed by another wearing a KKK-inspired hood at the Tucson event. The person who did the punching and kicking was immediately arrested by police.

Earlier into the event, Trump referred to the hooded protester.

“He’s a disgusting guy,” Trump said. “That is a disgusting guy, really disgusting.”

NBC News producer and reporter Frank Thorp tweeted the action.

Attendee Alex Satterly caught it from a different angle.

Apparently he came out of it OK, though.



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