LEGAL immigrant father, Trump supporter schools his ‘young’ son during CNN interview

CNN host Brooke Baldwin moderated a presidential debate of sorts Thursday — between a legal immigrant father and his son who disagrees about the brash Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Swagger New York editor Sian-Pierre Regis, who wrote a piece featuring his Haitian-born father headlined “My Dad Voted for Trump … And Theirs Will Too,” explained that after interviewing other Trump-supporting immigrants, he could understand why it’s “sort of starting to make sense.”

However, he still has reservations about the businessman given statements suggesting “racism” and “misogyny.”

His father, Jean-Robert Regis, said it all comes down to Trump’s views on immigration.

“I thank Donald Trump for standing for people to come to this country legally,” he told Baldwin. He added that he supports Trump on jobs and the economy as well as national security, border control and debt reduction.

When Baldwin brought up his son’s claims of racism and misogyny, he replied that his son is “still young” and “doesn’t understand life yet,” which gets to the root of their political differences.

“I don’t really care about who Donald Trump is,” the father said. “I care about the actions that he’s about to take to put the country back on the right track.”

Watch the clip via CNN.


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